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Low Cost Gutter Cleaning....

Gutters are an often neglected area for cleaning, the reasons are obvious especially if your gutters are four storeys high. What is often overlooked is that gutters require cleaning at least once a year, otherwise they will become clogged with moss, leaf litter and other detritis. The resulting sludge may create clumps or blockages which will ultimately impede the channeling of water along the gutter. When this occurs, water may fill up and overflow the guttering, damaging the soffits and facsias or worse... into the roof space. The weight of this standing water may also, over time, weaken the guttering causing it to pull away and break off, creating a dangerous hazard, for those below.

So as part of our overall external cleaning service, we are pleased to offer the most cost effective gutter cleaning service available - using the new Omni-Pole Guttervac system. This high power vacuum system can reach as high as four storeys and easily clean your gutters.

It quickly and efficiently cleans your gutters without the need for labour intensive and dangerous ladder work or MEWPS (Mobile Eelevated Working Platforms). Which means you can have clean gutters for a fraction of the cost of tradional gutter cleaning methods.

As well as our Guttervac internal Gutter Cleaning service we also offer a unique external Gutter, Fascia and Soffit cleaning service to make sure your roof and gutterline is kept clean and smart... See our prices below

Minimum charge - £40 + VAT (all prices quoted below are indicative only)
Height Inside Gutter Cleaning Outer Gutter, Fascia and Soffit Cleaning
Two Storeys £3 per meter £3.50 per meter
Three Storeys £4 per meter £4.50 per meter
Four Storeys £5 per meter £5.50 per meter

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